102115 Clock Card (pk of 1,000)

£35.00 £42.00 (inc. VAT)
The 102115 clock card is suitable for a large range of clocking in machines from various manufacturers: ActinTime, Acroprint, AMANO, Beatron, Clocking Systems, COPER, ISGUS, Needtek & Time Precision.

The 102115 clock card can also be known as/compatible with: 10-1000017-1, 102115P, 107071, 2087, 5002, 7082, AA3, AD2087, AD3000, AT1, B, BT1000, CC101, CC101B, C7082, CG102115, CL2514937, CTS2087, CW1, ECO Green, G1, GT1, H2087, M15, M86, NA1, NO.8, REF 132, REF A, SM7000, TB4000 and Type E.


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